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Thomas Drummond by Thomas Drummond (O'Brien, R. Barry) on sale for €150.00
Thomas Drummond by Thomas Drummond (O'Brien, R. Barry) on sale for €€150.00 ×

Thomas Drummond

Thomas Drummond (O'Brien, R. Barry)

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Thomas Drummond. Under-Secretary in Ireland 1835-40. Life and Letters. London: Keegan Paul, 1889. First edition. Pages, 401, (32). Frontispiece portrait & three plates in text. Original maroon cloth with title in gilt to spine and upper cover. Very good condition. Captain Thomas Drummond (1797-1840), was a Scottish army officer, civil engineer and senior public official. In 1824 Drummond was transferred to the new Ordnance Survey of Ireland where he used the new Drummond light in carrying out the trigonometrical survey. He was then appointed to the significant post of Irish under-secretary, heading up the administration in Dublin Castle, a position he held from 1835 until his death in 1840. A supporter of the Whigs, Drummond was held in high regard by Irish, whom he treated with impartiality. It is generally felt that overwork and stress precipitated his premature death in 1840 after toiling unceasingly for five years as Irish under-secretary. He was buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. His dying words were reported as: 'I wish to be buried in Ireland, the country of my adoption a country which I loved, which I have faithfully served, and for which I believe I have sacrificed my life.'

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