Beckett. A Catalogue of an Exhibition of Photographs (2006)

Author: John Minihan

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Beckett. John Minihan.  Large card wrappers. A near fine copy.

A catalogue of an exhibition of photographs by renowned photographer John Minihan of Samuel Beckett, launched in Dublin on 13th April, 2006. Signed by John Minihan.

“I first met Beckett in the Hyde Park Hotel in London in 1980, he was in London to assist in the direction of Endgame and Krapps Last Tape being performed by San Quentin Drama Group. I’m looking around the room, at what’s on his bedside table, a fairly thumbed book of Endgame. After about 25 minutes, in that soft Foxrock accent he said, ‘Would you like to take a photograph’. He was smiling. I took that first photograph in the bedroom. I knew he was going to rehearsals, so I said ‘Mr Beckett, would you mind if I very discretely took some pictures?’. He thought about it, and said yes. So I spent 10 days with him in London.”

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