Michael O’Callaghan 1879- 1921. Requiescat

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Michael O’Callaghan 1879- 1921. Requiescat. First Republican Mayor of Limerick 1920. [Dublin: Cuala Press, 1921]. Handcoloured memorial leaflet, two pages (folded sheet). A fine bright copy. 

Image of wreath and initial by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats & with hand-lettered extracts of poetry in both Irish & English over lines ‘Michael O’Callaghan, Murdered by the Enemy, March 7th, 1921.’ 

Michael O’Callaghan was one of three leading Limerick citizens murdered in one night, in their own homes during curfew hours. No inquest was held, and it is believed the killers were members of the RIC. Due to its seditious nature the publication of this leaflet would have represented a significant risk for the Cuala Press, hence it was issued without the Cuala imprint.

A scarce item (one of only 100 printed) by the Cuala Press for O’Callaghan’s widow.

[Miller p.128]

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