Sir Roger Casement’s Diaries (1922)

Author: Dr Charles Curry

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Sir Roger Casement’s Diaries. “His Mission to Germany and The Findlay Affair”. Edited by Dr. Charles E. Curry, with Foreword and Preface.  Munich: Arche Publ., 1922. Pp, 226. Publishers light green wrappers. Worn along spine, concerns in good condition.

Illustrated with three photographs and three facsimiles.

Contents include: From Sir Roger’s Diary – Departure From Ireland on 2nd July 1914 to New York, Stay in the United States, With Retrospect of the Eventful Period 1904-1914, Plot for Capture of British Cruisers, Letter to Sir Edward Grey, Closing Period of Findlay Affair, A Case of German Gold etc.

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