Speeches on the Legislative Independence of Ireland (1869)

Author: Thomas Francis Meagher

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Speeches on the Legislative Independence of Ireland. With Introductory Notes by Thomas Francis Meagher and Memorial Oration by Richard O’Gorman. New York: PM Haverty, 1869. Pp xxi, 317. Frontispiece portrait. Rebound in blue buckram, copy of title page pasted to upper cover. Scattered browning to contents pages.

Meagher’s passion for Irish nationalism and his temperamental nature led him to join the radical Young Ireland movement. These young revolutionaries had lost patience with elder statesman Daniel O’Connell’s non-violent approach to gaining independence from Britain, and now advocated armed insurrection.

Meagher’s fiery speeches earned him the nickname “Meagher of the sword.” He led the Young Irelanders in the failed Rebellion of 1848. After being convicted of sedition, he was first sentenced to death, but received transportation for life to Van Diemen’s Land in Australia.

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