An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ulster (1877)

Author: Rev George Hill

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An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ulster. At the Commencement of the Seventeenth Century, 1608-1620. Belfast: M’Caw, 1877. Folio. Pages, ix, 622. Original cloth boards in blind, neatly rebacked retaining original spine. A very good copy.

A compilation drawn from state papers relating to the Plantation of Ulster, with detailed information about land settlements extracted and here reproduced. Almost a century and a half after its publication, this remains one of the most important historical sources for any study of the Ulster Plantations.

A feast of genealogical and historical material about the family settlements in Ulster during the reign of James VI. For each land grant, it lists those who took it up and the conditions which then prevailed, including the area in which they settled, etc. Chapters include: Ulster Before the Plantation, Orders and Conditions of Plantation, The Project of Plantation, Doubts and Delays, The Commissioners of Plantation at Work, Results and Arrangements, Grants and Grantees, The Londoners’ Plantation, and Pynnar’s Survey.

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