Ireland Under the Stuarts. Three Volumes (1963)

Author: Richard Bagwell

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Ireland Under the Stuarts and During the Interregnum. Three Volumes: 1603-1642; 1642-1660; 1660-1690. London; Holland Press, 1963. Pp(1) xv, 370; (2) xii, 388; (3) xi, 351. With map to rear of volumes three. Red cloth boards in original dust jackets. A fine bright set.

An historical account of Ireland in the 17th century, covering the period from 1603, when James VI King of Scots became James I of England and Ireland, to the Glorious Revolution and the end of Stuart’s reign in Ireland.

First part of the book spans from 1603 to 1642 covering the period from the time King James VI united the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland in a personal union to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms an intertwined series of conflicts that led to abolition of monarchy and the interregnum. Second part covers the period from 1642 to the end of interregnum in 1660 when Charles II was restored to the thrones of the three realms. The final part of the work covers the years from the restoration of monarchy to the Glorious Revolution, the overthrowing of the Stuart Dynasty and the crowning of William of Orange for the king of England, Ireland and Scotland.

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