Pacata Hibernia. The Elizabethan Wars In Ireland (1896)

Author: Standish O'Grady

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Pacata Hibernia. Or a History of The Wars in Ireland during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth Especially within the Province of Munster under the Government of Sir George Carew and compiled by his Direction and Appointment. Edited with an introduction and Notes by Standish O’Grady. Two Volumes. London: Downey, 1896. Original maroon buckram, titles in gilt to spines. A nice bright set.

Illustrated with portraits, maps and plans (some folded) & published in a Limited Numbered Edition of 500 Copies

First published inn 1633, Pacata Hibernia deals with the Elizabethan wars in Ireland. It was fought between the forces of Gaelic Irish chieftains Hugh O’Neill (Earl of Tyrone), Hugh Roe O’Donnell and their allies, against the Elizabethan English government of Ireland.

The war was fought in all parts of the country, but primarily in the northern province of Ulster. It ended in defeat for the Irish chieftains, which led ultimately to their exile in the Flight of the Earls and to the Plantation of Ulster.

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