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Tailtenn Games. Dublin 2nd to 18th August, 1924. Handbook and Syllabus. Ppm 201. Pictorial wrappers, lightly soiled contents in good condition. A detailed listing of the variopus events etc for the first year of Tailtenn Games.(Aonach Tailteann) which were held annualy until 1932. The Games were presented as revival of an ancient Irish custom, crushed by the English invaders. According to the Aonach Tailteann promotional programme, the origins of the games could be traced back to 632 B.C. to King Luaghaidh Lamhfáda who ordered the celebration in honour of his foster mother’s funeral, Queen Tailté, ‘where athletes famed in Irish history met in friendly competition.’ The games began on the 1st of August, lasted for a week and were attended by kings, chieftains and nobles from across Ireland.

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