The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland. Third Edition (1922)

Author: John P. Prendergast

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The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland. Dublin: Mellifont Press, 1922. Third Edition. Pp xliii, 524. With three illustrations and three maps. Green buckram boards, title in gilt to spine. A fine bright copy.

Illustrations include: Facsimile of Debenture; Map of the Settlement of Ireland – 1653. Mural tablet above the grave of Lord Trimlestown; A character of Plan of the dividing of the Barony of Connello, in the county of Limerick, by the Adventurers. Maps: Map of Connaught as laid out to receive the inhabitants from the several Counties of the other Provinces, A.D. 1654 Map of Tipperary, as divided between the Adventurers and Soldiers.

The first and seminal work in this area, following the conquest by Oliver Cromwell in 1652.  The goal at that time was to move all Irish into the barren province of Connaught and settle the rest of Ireland with loyal Englishmen. This book is the story of the events leading up to and including this mass movement of people. The book describes in vivid detail stories of the evictees, including those of rank, title and English blood as in the case of Lady Dunsany. The book gives in detail accounts of the clearing of the land, the exceptions, the transplanters certificates, and the court processes that went along with the moving of a large number of people.


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