The Public Records Of Ireland (1810-1825)

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(1) Reports from the Commissioners appointed by his Majesty to Execute the Measures Recommended in an Address of the House of Commons Respecting the Public Records of Ireland. Being their 1st, 2, 3, 4th and 5th Annual Reports, with Supplements and Appendixes; 1810-1815. Pp 571; With Twenty-one plates (most folded).

(2) Reports from the same Commissioners, being their 6th, 7, 8, 9th and 10th Annual Reports, with Supplements and Appendixes; 1816-1820. Pp 658.

(3) Reports from the same Commissioners, being their 11th, 12, 13, 14th and 15th Annual Reports, 1823-1825. Pp 702.

(4) Rotulorum Cancellariae Calendarium in Hibernia, Volume 1, part 1. Patent Rolls commencing with the Reign of Edward the First (being the earliest extant on record) and ends with the Reign of Henry the Seventh. Pp 273, + Index.

Four volume set, large folios. All in original paper boards, rebacked, inner hinges strengthened. Contents in near fine condition throughout. Scarce.

Original eight-page catalogue from the publishers, inserted in the fourth volume entitled: ‘A List together with Some Account of the Publications Printed Under the Authority of His Majesty’s Commissioners on the Public Records of Great Britain and Ireland, for Sale by George and John Grierson, Parliament St., Dublin.’

A volume entitled ‘I’nquisitionum in Officio Rotulorum Cancellariae Hibernia,’ 1826; relating to reports to the Inquisition in the Rolls Office (province of Leinster) was also published in this series (not present here).

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