‘United Ireland’ Newspaper. British Foreign Office Confidential Report, February 1882

Author: Charles S. Parnell

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United Ireland Newspaper. Document marked “Strictly Confidential” published by the British Foreign Office on 14 February 1882. Nine numbered pages on foolscap, introductory remarks in three parts dated January, 23rd 1882 and signed A.M.P.

William O’Brien Patrick Egan, Charles S. Parnell (MP), Joseph E Kenny, Joseph G. Bigger (MP), William O’Brien, Justin McCarthy (MP) and Richard Lalor (MP) are listed as the seven subscribing members.

Important document giving an insight into Gladstone’s Liberal government attempts to silence and put down “United Ireland,” a weekly newspaper founded to support the work of the Land League, and printed and published in Dublin from August 1881. It was described by its editor William O’Brien as nothing less than a ‘weekly insurrection in print’. The jailing of William O’Brien in Kilmainham, along with Parnell and other leaders of the Land League, did not prevent the appearance of the paper. With the assistance of the Ladies Land League, including Anna Parnell (younger sister of Charles Stuart Parnell) and Kate Molony it continued to be published in Dublin, Liverpool, London or Paris and remained in circulation until 1896.

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