Dhá Chéad de Cheoltaibh Uladh (1974)

Author: Énrí Ó Muirgheasa

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Dhá Chéad de Cheoltaibh Uladh. Oifig Díolta Foilseachán Rialtais, Baile Átha Cliath, 1974. Third Printing. Pp [7], 474. Cloth boards lettered in gilt. A fine bright copy. [An anthology of Two Centuries of Ulster Songs].

First published in 1934 this edition is issued in facsimile format. Includes a section of music (in tonic sol-fa notation) for some of the songs ( pages: 449-456).

The compiler and collector of these songs, Énrí Ó Muirgheasa [1874-1945], was known to English speakers as Henry Morris. He was born an Ulsterman, in Farney, the southernmost of County Monaghan’s five baronies. Morris, first as a teacher, and then as an inspector of the schools, collected Irish manuscripts and transcribed poetry and song from his Co. Monaghan and Co. Donegal, and other regions.

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